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The Renton Downtown Civic Core Vision and Action Plan will build upon many of the great activities already happening at locations like the Renton History Museum, IKEA Performing Arts Center, Renton Civic Theatre, Pavilion Event Center, and the Piazza. The Plan will identify a community-supported vision and actions that take advantage of Renton’s place in the region. The Plan will also assess and analyze specific interventions needed to create a true city center.


The City has taken a series of smart, strategic steps that are strengthening Downtown by returning to the core principles of thoughtful, human-scaled urbanism that have served communities well for centuries. Yet there is a palpable sense that more is possible. Renton enjoys high quality amenities in its Downtown and Civic Core. However, linkages and placemaking interventions are needed to truly make Downtown Renton and the Civic Core the center of the community. Many projects are already happening in the Civic Core and Downtown, including roadway reconfigurations, Transit Center and transit routing modifications, and private development, in addition to regional transportation and transit planning efforts. This planning process will take a thoughtful and integrated approach to leverage these existing projects and the energy in the community.


To learn more visit the Civic Core home page.

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